America's Safest Table Saw

Consider the statistic that there are 60,000 table saw accidents a year, and the idea of a saw that can sense, react, and stop before the blade can cut your hand seems like a really good one.

SawStop is the saw that promises to save your fingers in the event your hand touches the blade while it's running. It features "flesh-detecting" technology that activates a blade brake within a fraction of a second. But a SawStop is also a precision-built and user-friendly table saw that performs better than any other with features like these:

  • 99% Efficient Dust Collection capability with the optional dust collection blade guard
  • Large power lock-out switch
  • Professional quality fence for making the most accurate cuts
  • Arbor lock lets you change a blade quickly
  • Tool-free swapping of the blade guard for the riving knife
  • Smooth-as-butter wheel cranks for lowering/tilting the blade

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