Festool Sanders

Festool has a sander that will let you sand even the most difficult corner, crevice, detail or profile. We have multiple sander models that offer pads in a delta (triangular) shape which optimizes surface area for faster sanding while providing a shape that will reach into corners. Whether you need aggressive sanding or fine finish sanding in corners or profiles, Festool has a sander just for you. Even tackle complex mouldings and profiles that would normally require tedious hand sanding.


Benefits of Festool Sanders

  • Experience virtually dust free sanding when used with a Festool HEPA CT Dust Extractor, because no one likes dust.
  • Choose from multi-mode sanders that can do it all, general purpose sanders or application-specific sanders. We have a sander that's perfect for you.
  • Achieve exceptional results every time with swirl-free finishes.
  • Sand for extended periods of time without vibration and numbness in your hands.
  • Use a Festool ROTEX sander for aggressive material removal like a belt sander, fine finish sanding, or for polishing to a high gloss.
  • Enjoy decades of use from a sander that's built to last and backed by a three year warranty.
  • Thermal and overload protection protect the sander from potentially damaging conditions.
  • Quick, easy abrasives and pad changes make every day use simple and convenient.

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