Ripping Saw Blades

Ripping a stack of hardwood can push your saw to its limits. But a great rip blade, such as the Amana #610200 will reduce the load on both you and your saw. That’s because rip blades are specifically designed for smooth, efficient cuts while reducing the feed resistance normally associated with ripping.

Rip blades have a fewer number of teeth than crosscut or combination blades, typically twenty to twenty-four on a ten inch blade. The low tooth count combined with large gullets and an 18 to 20 degree hook angle makes Amana rip blades fast and aggressive.

Glue-line rip blades use a special triple-chip tooth grind and an extra high hook angle. The unique tooth grind allows aggressive feed rates while at the same time producing a cut so smooth that the surface is ready for gluing—no jointing required!