Contractor Series Fall Arrest Harness With 1 D-Ring Mating

Contractor Series Fall Arrest Harness With 1 D-Ring Mating

Contractor Series Fall Arrest Harness With 1 D-Ring Mating



Contractor vest-style, contractor-grade full body harness with back D-ring for fall arrest. Built with our standard-duty 6,300 lb. polyester webbing for long life and an added measure of safety.

  • Single back D-ring.
  • 5-point adjustability.
  • EasyFit mating buckle leg straps.
  • 2 Lanyard Keepers.
  • 6,300 lb. heavy-duty polyester webbing.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems, as easy as A, B, C, D.

A ANCHOR…the point of attachment for lanyards, lifelines, and deceleration devices; also called a tie-off point.
Examples: rebar, I-beam, scaffold, roof truss

ANCHOR CONNECTOR…..used to enjoin a connecting device (SRL, lanyard) to the anchor point.
Examples: sling anchor, grip anchor, wire form hook, beam clamp

B BODY WEAR…the Full Body Harness worn by a person used to enjoin the body with the connecting device
in every personal fall arrest system.
Examples: vest style, crossover style, single D-ring up to 6 D-ring.
Full Body Harnesses should be chosen to compliment the work to be done with consideration to the work

C CONNECTOR…a piece of equipment used to enjoin components of all personal fall arrest systems.
Examples: carabiner, snap hook, mating buckle, D-ring.

CONNECTING DEVICE…a component of the personal fall arrest system that couples the full body harness to
the anchorage connector.
Examples: lanyard, lifeline.

D DECELERATION DEVICE….component that slows and dissipates energy during a fall.
Examples: shock absorbing lanyard, self-retracting lifeline, rope grab.
Only when all of the above components are assembled together, do you have a complete Personal Fall Arrest System
(PFAS). Collectively, these are A, B, C, D.