The Studcutter 2x4 SC2400HD

The Studcutter 2x4 SC2400HD

The Studcutter 2x4 SC2400HD



Introducing the STUDCUTTER

The Studcutter is your go anywhere, work anywhere, way to cut all your 3-5/8 light gauge metal studs and track.

The Studcutter will allow you to complete your metal framing jobs on time with reduced tool costs, downtime, at the same time, creating a safe & clean work environment. Our Studcutter blades are of the finest hardened tool steel available. Because of our strict supplier approval process JVB Products will provide a lifetime warranty on all blades.

The Studcutter has a NSN (National Stock Number) which permits our US Military to purchase the unit any where in the world through the US General Services Administration.

Give Yourself An Edge

The Studcutter ELIMINATES saws, spare blades, generators, oil, gas, extension cords.


Do you have to pull "HOT PERMITS"? Work in places where sparks, noise, odor, are not allowed?

Do you have a job where all metal framing studs must be cut outside the job site to prevent FIRE hazards?
Are you remodeling an occupied office building, hospital, or school where sparks, noise, and odor can disrupt your customer's tenants, hospital patients, or school students?

If the answer is "YES" to any of these questions, then The Studcutter is your solution.




Odor / Fumes